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{ J. Huffman  @ MANUP.org }

"Eric's wisdom and counsel helped us grow from a neighborhood  non-profit to a city wide ministry.  Not only has he been a valued ADVISOR, but most importantly he's become a trusted FRIEND."

{ Scott Johnson @ Decision Point Financial }

"Eric's real world experience, and his ability to help us see beyond the mark, has made an immediate impact on our business.  In addition to being our MOST TRUSTED consultant, Eric has become one of our most trusted friends."

{ Kendall King @ Castle Point Wealth }

"I have great RESPECT for Eric and his leadership with growing Austin Asset to one of the leaders in our industry.  He has already helped me become a stronger leader and CEO, and I feel empowered to make better decisions on how to navigate in the future."

{ Bob Veres @ Inside Information }

"Eric has confronted and overcome virtually all of the challenges that advisory firms face when they undertake the daunting task of succession planning.  I consider him an accomplished EXPERT in the field."